The WAWM Recreation Department offers fun, active classes to keep you fit and happy! Classes take place before and after the work day, during the week day, and on Saturday mornings.

Get Healthy, Get Fit!

WERQ - a fiercely fun dance fitness workout based on pop, rock and hip hop music.  Come join a fun, enjoyable class.  Open to everyone!!!!

HOT HULA FITNESS - a Polynesian dance fitness class inspired by the dances of the Pacific Islands.

ZUMBA FOR FAMILIES - get your kids out and moving to some fun music geared toward the kids.

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Gritzmacher at 604-4911.

Important Fitness & Aerobics Program Reminders

- Before you start any exercise program you should consult with your physician. If you have health restrictions, please notify your instructor
- Proper warm-up prevents injuries! Arrive at class promptly. 
- Make arrangements for your children. Childcare is not provided. 
- Participants should wear proper attire including athletic shoes and clothing that permits movement. 
- Participants may want to bring a water bottle, large towel or mat, and hand weights to class.

If you have any questions regarding our Fitness classes, please contact Linda Gritzmacher at (414) 604-4911.