Before You Swim!

Important Policies for All Aquatic Programs- Please Read!

For safety reasons

All children MUST be at least 4 years of age and meet the height requirements of the specified pool in order to be able to sign up for lessons level one and above.

Height requirements
Please measure your child from chin to toes prior to registering. This requirement is so their mouth can be above the water while in class. In order to qualify for lessons a child must be 38" chin to toes to swim alone at Nathan Hale pool. Nathan Hale pool is 38" deep in the shallow end.Central pool is 42" deep in the shallow end. Frank Lloyd Wright pool is 36" deep in the shallow end.

*Pre-Beginner classes are exempt from these requirements as they have a parent/guardian with then in the water*

All Pre-Beginners must be potty trained in order to enroll, no swim diapers allowed.

Class Length
All lessons are 45 minutes long with a 5 minute free swim period at the end of class.

Pool Regulations

1. Per state code, all swimmers much thoroughly rinse off in the shower before entering the pool
2. Swim caps are required of all swimmers whose hair is long or controlled by hair spray or oil. Caps are sold for $2.00.
3. Do not bring valuables to the pool. The Recreation Department is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
4. Any swimmer who has entered kindergarten must use their respective male/female locker room.
5. Strollers must be kept out of the pool area for safety. Please carry child or use child carrying device.

Water and air temperature is regulated by the WAWM School District Maintenance Department, not the Recreation Department. They make every attempt to maintain a pool temperature of 82 degrees.

For Any questions or suggestions please contact program manager Kyle Holbach by phone at 414-604-4951 or by email

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