Frequently Asked Questions

Phone: 414-604-4900 Address: 1205 S. 70th Street

Q: I want to add an additional family member.

Once your initial household is set up, you must call our office at 604-4900 to add family
members. Residency verification may be needed.

Q: What do I need for Proof of Residency?

Bring in your most recent paycheck stub, a utility bill or a phone bill to our office located on 70th Street. 

Q: I can’t Log In.

Visit our website Click on the “Registration” circle under the activity guide. Log in the box to the left of the pictures. If you are not already a member, click “Create an Account”. You can “Browse Activities” without being logged in. If you are still having trouble logging in, we can walk it through with you over the phone or via email (wawmrec@wawmsd.org) OR 604-4900.

Q: I'm having problems finding the class I am looking for when I browse online. 

We suggest resetting your search criteria and either search via the "Keyword" box or by the "Activity Number" search box. When searching by the activity number enter only the first six digits of the activity number (not anything after the decimal point);

Q: It tells me my child is not the correct age to register.

The age/grade for your child may be missing or incorrect in your household. Please call our office at 604-4900 to update that information.

Q: I owe money on my account, what are my options to pay.

1. You can pay towards a balance online if you have an account set up.
           Log in -> My Account -> Pay Old Balances
2. Call with credit card payment over the phone at 604-4900 or at our office.
3. Stop in our office and pay with Cash, Check or Money Order.

Q: It looks like it is going to rain and my child is scheduled to have a practice (or game) tonight, what should I do?

We try our hardest to not cancel games and practices. We all know Wisconsin weather can change in a heartbeat so we do hold out the final decision until it gets closer to the time of the scheduled program.  You can always call our weather line right before you are preparing to leave to check a cancellation. The weather line is 604-4900 option #2. With programs that have not been canceled please use your discretion in attending the programs.