Frequently Asked Questions

Phone: 414-604-4900 Address: 1205 S. 70th Street Website: http://www.wawmrec.com/

Q: I want to add an additional family member.
A: Once your initial household is set up, you must call our office at 604-4900 to add family
members. Residency verification may be needed.

Q: What do I need for Proof of Residency?
A: Bring in your most recent paycheck stub to our office located on 70th Street.

Q: I can’t Log In.
     - Visit our website http://www.wawmrec.com/ Click on the “Registration” circle under
the activity guide.
     - Log in the box to the left of the pictures. If you are not already a member, click “Create
         an Account”.
     - You can “Browse Activities” without being logged in.

Q: When browsing activities, I do not get results with activity number search.
A: Enter only the first six digits of the activity number.

Q: It tells me my child is not the correct age to register.
A: The age/grade for your child may be missing or incorrect in your household. Please call our office at 604-4900 to update that information.

Q: I owe money on my account, what are my options to pay.
     - You can pay towards a balance online if you have an account set up.
           Log in -> My Account -> Pay Old Balances
     - Call with credit card payment over the phone at 604-4900 or at our office
     - Cash, Check or Money Order can be