Afterschool Action (formally SAFE/REACH)

Action 330

Elementary After School Program
We want your kids to have fun! WA-WM Recreation & Community Services Dept. offers Afterschool Programs located at most elementary schools. Action 330 runs Monday - Friday when school is in session, from the end of the school day until 5:30 pm.

Action 330 is a recreation based program keeping kids active and socially engaged. Participants check in, receive a daily nutritional snack and then programming begins. Daily activities include supervised play, organized gym/outdoor activities, and arts & crafts. Participants are able to leave once checked out by their designated parent or guardian.

Action 300

Intermediate After School Program
A fun way to end the school day! WA-WM Recreation & Community Services Dept. offers after school programs located at all Intermediate Schools. Action 300 runs Monday - Friday when school is in session, from the end of the school day until 5:30 pm.

Action 300 is a recreation based program. As part of the program participants will receive a snack, have the opportunity to engage with friends and have access to gyms and outdoor areas. Action 300 participants are able to leave once checked out by their designated parent or guardian or with a signed permission slip allowing them to leave independently.

Behavioral Expectations parallel school expexctations, participants who do not adhere to behavior expectations may be dismissed from the program. When calling in an absence/change of plans at your school please state that the Action program should be notified.

You can register online at, by phone at 604-4900, or in person at 1205 W. 70th Street, Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Registration forms are located in this activity guide on page 45 - 46. Registration forms are not accepted at the schools. Program representatives will be at your schools back to school registration event.

The Registration fee is $90.00 per semester or $180.00 per year. The fee does not change no matter how many days are attended or date of enrollment. Deadline to register to guarantee first day of school participation is August 26, 2016. For those that register after the program begins, there is a one business day wait before attending. Phone numbers are only operational during program hours.

General Mitchell 254-9157        Longfellow 416-3154
Hoover 588-1459                       Madison 588-1475
Horace Mann 651-7104             Walker 254-7986
Irving 254-9235                         Wilson 254-7607
Frank Lloyd Wright 604-3417   Lane 659-3932
Lincoln 254-9063                       West Milwaukee 254-1314

*Franklin, Jefferson & Pershing, please contact the school directly regarding after school programs.

For more information please contact Elizabeth Breitenfeldt at 604-4968.